Games concluded successfully

Games concluded successfully

2018/07/03 15:33
Dosportsevent CarryforwardthespiritofthedaytheseaTianjinHaiGroup,thethirdworkergamessynchronizationsuccessfulconclusion(ReporterZhangYushanLingyue)August13,TianjinTianhaisynchronousgroupsportsfield,fl

Do sports event  Carry forward the spirit of the day the sea Tianjin Hai Group, the third worker games synchronization successful conclusion

(Reporter Zhang Yushan Lingyue) August 13, Tianjin Tianhai synchronous group sports field, flags fluttering in the breeze, fluttering ball, one worker neatly arranged side team. Passionate athletes march, dispersed over the entire stadium for the summer day sea play harmonious, progressive, hard work, first movement. Tianjin Tianhai Group third worker games closing ceremony is being held here. host:

10:30 am, Group Director of Human Tom Sun announced that the Games closing ceremony began. Introducing and attend the closing ceremony of the distinguished guests. Subsequently announced that the award-winning units and individuals list. After more than 20 days of fierce competition, each team has achieved excellent results. Through this big game, race out the results, race out of level, race out of style, race out of the days of the sea "and not to be outdone, Wing scale new heights" Manner. The majority of athletes in football, basketball, volleyball gas, dial River and fun competitions and other projects worked hard to create a good shot of athletic performance in previous years. At the award ceremony, Lu Chao, chairman of the top four team won the football award. Weng Jun, general manager of precision forging companies in the top four basketball team won the award. Mo Chun Wing, general manager of the German company won the table tennis, badminton, billiards top three team awards. General Manager of Tianjin Tianhai Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Xueze synchronization of the top three players won the athletics awards. Party branch secretary Lv Zhongcheng Group fun game for the top three players won the award. Members on behalf of high-spirited attitude to accept the leadership of the company's incentives, the power struggle of the sports ground in recent days, turned into a very heroic, to accept the people belonging to Tianhai their highest praise.

Lv Zhongcheng Group branch secretary for the third worker games closing statement. He said that the Group of Tianjin Tianhai synchronous third worker games ended in victory today, the Games include football, basketball, table tennis, billiards, volleyball and track and field gas, fun project, a total of 16 tournament entries, resulting in gold, silver a total of 288 medals, bonuses 86,400 yuan, employee participation rates above 45%. Lvzhong Cheng pointed out that the Games organized and carried out very successfully in all competitions, sports inspired the vitality of enterprises, the impact on the Group's internal and social dimensions of great shows Tianhai Group, the staff team spirit and courageously rushed valuable quality . During the race, we Tianhai staff showed good discipline and sense of responsibility, skills and level of athletes have been greatly improved, although the competition is very fierce competition, but our staff carry forward the "Friendship first, competition second." the spirit of sport, show Tianhai staff excellent personal qualities and high moral character.

Lvzhong Cheng said that this year, Tianhai Group maintained a good development momentum, and the general staff's efforts are inseparable, not only sports training employees in good health, but also to promote awareness of the team, experience the courage to accept the challenge and forge ahead in unity of spirit to stimulate us to create "a hundred years Tianhai, billion project," the determination and confidence.

11:00 am, the day the sea synchronization Group Third worker games successful conclusion!